Our History

The Art League was founded in 1903. Cincinnati’s Public Schools contain a national treasure of art and ornament, which is currently at risk. Much of this collection was purchased by the original Art League, with pennies donated by generations of Cincinnati children. The old Art League served the Cincinnati Public Schools for sixty years (1903-1963). The Cincinnati community strongly believed that fine art belonged in our school environments. They underwrote paintings, fountains, stained glass, tile decorations and extraordinary architectural ornament to express their support and respect for public education as the foundation of American civilization. Building on this immense and breathtaking legacy, the new Art League is once again ready to make a difference in Cincinnati Public Schools. The aim of this volunteer, community-funded, non-profit group, is to document, preserve and enhance this treasure. In recent years, the Art League has made some remarkable progress. The Art League raised funds for the restoration of the murals at Condon Elementary, inventoried close to one-thousand works of art, and was instrumental in the start of Cincinnati Public Schools’ Building Fund. The Art League has also opened up the schools to share its artwork with the public as part of its Art League Afternoon series.

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